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The Chapel at York St John University


Client: York St John University

The Chapel,  in the heart of the University Campus, was build in the 60’s and has such distinctive architecture it has been given a grade II listed status.

The existing membrane roof coverings had reached the end of their natural life and the decision was made by the University to strip the membranes back to the woodwool decking so that he condition of the decking could be assessed and also to improve the thermal performance of the roof when it was reinstalled.

Prior to the main works Templar Roofing Services LTD carried out a series of test cuts on the roof to ascertain the condition of the woodwool slabs and once the decking was found to be sound proceeded with stripping of the roof coverings.

An added challenge was the 2 main room slopes which at 40 degrees and 30 degrees required a rig to assist the operatives when installing the system.  Then working with our partners, The Garland Company Ltd, we installed their Stressply Flex Plus system and upgraded the insulation to 130mm thick.

Working with the university and the usage requirements of the Chapel, we even arranged for the scaffold to be out of the way to the front elevation for a wedding, the contract was completed on time and within budget.


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Posted on 24/10/2013