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42 Sheep Street, Northampton

Image of Sheep Street After Works

Client: Northampton Shopping centres Ltd

This building which is a Community Centre for the disabled had major water ingress throughout as a result of the ageing membrane failing and old redundant plant left un-maintained.  The tenants had leaks in nearly every room and as a result were holding functions with buckets placed over the floor to catch the water.

Templar Roofing Services ltd were called in to advise and along with their partners, The Garland Company Ltd, arrived at a solution that met the tenants requirements and the client’s budget controls.

The old plant units were removed, and a new waterproofing system, comprising of Garland Ultravent underlay and Stressply Evolution Terracotta mineral capsheet were applied to the roof area and upstand details.  Where not dressed under the existing capping, the upstands were terminated with a GRP trim.

With a roof area of 560m2 the contract was completed, despite the weather, in 3 weeks with minimum disruption to the tenant’s activities and in time for their Christmas parties.

Posted on 03/03/2014